Allen Campaign Releases “Unions for Casperson–Conservatives for Allen” Ad

Same Liberal Unions Supporting Hillary Clinton for President are Supporting Tom Casperson for Congress and Smearing Conservative Jason Allen


Traverse City, MI—Jason Allen for Congress campaign announced today the release of its new campaign ad, “Unions for Casperson—Conservatives for Allen”.   The ad points out that the same liberal unions supporting Hillary Clinton for President are supporting Tom Casperson for Congress.   Liberal unions have contributed $25,000 directly to Tom Casperson’s campaign for Congress and are funding a six-figure Super PAC buy to smear conservative Jason Allen.  Liberal union attacks from Defending Main Street have already hit voters with direct mail.

“The same liberal unions that support Hillary Clinton for President are supporting Tom Casperson for Congress and it’s no surprise.  Tom Casperson voted to bring Obamacare to Michigan, to raise taxes and sided with union bosses to force workers to fund liberal campaigns like Hillary Clinton’s,” stated Troy Hudson. “Jason Allen is the true conservative in the race and liberal Tom Casperson and his union allies are smearing Allen and trying to steal this primary with union PAC money.”

Tom Casperson has received $25,000 directly to his congressional campaigns as a payoff for being one of 3 Republicans to vote against Right to Work.   The Allen Campaign has called on Tom Casperson to return the $25,000 to the liberal unions who also support Hillary Clinton for President. Casperson received the $25,000 from the Carpenters Union, Laborers, Plumbers, Pipefitters, and Operating Engineers.

According to Federal Election Commission record, the SuperPAC, Defending Main Street, placed a $150,000 television and direct mail program on July 21, 2016 to oppose Jason Allen and support Tom Casperson.  In the 2014 cycle, Defending Main Street received $1.8 million out of $2 million from unions.

The Allen campaign also called on Casperson to cancel his upcoming fundraiser with Marquette Labor Trades Council President Mike Thibault.


Full Transcript of Ad:

Why do unions that support Hillary Clinton also support Tom Casperson?

Because liberal Tom Casperson voted against right to work…

Forcing Michigan workers to fund campaigns like Hillary’s.

Casperson also supported a one point eight billion dollar sales tax increase…

Voted four times to raise the gas tax…

And even voted to implement Obamacare!

Conservative Jason Allen will keep taxes low…

Oppose Obamacare and support right to work in Michigan.

The conservative choice. Jason Allen.


Jason Allen Voiceover:

I’m Jason Allen, and I approve this message

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Jason Allen is a conservative Republican running in Michigan’s 1st Congressional district. For more information, see


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