Casperson Should Cancel Union Fundraiser, Return Union Money and Reject Union Help from SuperPAC

Liberal Unions reward Tom Casperson for Pro-Union vote with fundraiser, six-figure smear attack, and $25,000 in direct contributions to his campaign


Traverse City, MI—The Jason Allen campaign called on Tom Casperson to cancel his fundraiser tomorrow in Traverse City with Marquette Labor Council President Mike Thibault.  The Allen campaign continued to call on Casperson to return the $25,000 in direct contributions to his campaign from unions and demand the union-funded group Defending Main Street stop running television ads and direct mail on his behalf to smear the conservative Jason Allen.

“Tom Casperson needs to cancel this fundraiser—it is a direct payoff for his vote against Right to Work.  Casperson is bought and paid for by liberal union bosses and Hillary Clinton backers. Casperson accepted money from these bosses after voting against Right to Work legislation where Tom sided with these liberal union leader’s desire to take forced dues from workers’ paychecks to pay for items including political activities supporting Hillary Clinton. Tom needs to cancel this fundraiser, return the union money and demand union-funded Defending Main Street stop running ads smearing the conservative Jason Allen,” said Troy Hudson, Campaign Manager for Jason Allen.  “Jason Allen will stand up for workers against liberal union bosses. Jason Allen is the conservative voice for Upper Michigan.”

Casperson’s campaign is directly funded with at least $25,000 from liberal unions and over $100,000 from dark money.   As recently as the FEC report filed yesterday, Casperson received $5000 from the UA Political Education Committee, the Plumbers and Pipefitters Union, who are supporting Hillary Clinton.  Casperson also received a $5,000 contribution from the Laborers International Union of North America on June 30, 2016.  On his April 2016 report, Casperson took $10,000 from the Operating Engineers and $5,000 from the Carpenters totaling $25,000 in union PAC contributions after opposing Right to Work in December 2012.   The Jason Allen campaign called on Casperson to refund the liberal union money last week when Congressional campaigns reported their 2nd quarter FEC filings.

Tom Casperson was one of three Republican Senators that voted against Right to work, Senate Bill 116, in December 2012.   Casperson is scheduled to have a fundraiser on this upcoming Wednesday July 27, to be headlined by Marquette Labor Council Head Mike Thibault.  Bowman called on Casperson to cancel this fundraiser.

“It’s clear Casperson was rewarded for supporting policies that would force union workers to pay for political activities of these liberal union bosses. Shame on Casperson for siding with liberal union bosses over the workers,” said Terry Bowman.

Jason Allen is a conservative Republican running in Michigan’s 1st Congressional district. For more information, see


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