Fighting Washington


I will meet with area businesses and organizations across the 1st district to discuss how Washington’s inaction, over-regulation and bloated bureaucracy are hurting small businesses and organizations in Upper Michigan. I am committed to using my experience as a small-businessman and veteran to help gain results for Upper Michigan. We need to work with small businesses to help create more jobs, assist our veterans in getting the services and benefits they earned, and help working families achieve the American dream.


First, let’s start with something Congress authorized over 30 years ago and has done nothing about since then.  Numerous studies and reports have shown how essential the Soo Locks are to our national commerce. Recently, a US Homeland Security report released in August 2015 stated that a prolonged shutdown of the Soo Locks could result into a full-scale recession shutting factories, plants and companies all over the United States.

Congress recognized the importance of the Soo Locks and made plans to expand the Locks 30 years ago.They even had a groundbreaking ceremony in 2009. But, here we are in 2016 and Congress has yet to appropriate the necessary funds to begin construction.

We’re going to change that!

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Help Jason Allen Build The Lock that Congress promised over 30 years ago and still has not completed.