Jason Allen Campaign Releases Secure Our Nation Plan, Only Candidate to Release a Comprehensive Plan to Keep America Safe

Traverse City, MI – The Jason Allen campaign today announced that Jason Allen released his “Secure Our Nation” plan. Jason Allen is the only candidate running in Michgan’s 1 st District to put out a comprehensive plan to keep America safe.

“In troubled times, we need to ensure we secure the border, bolster our military and strengthen our abilities to crush radical Islamic terrorism.  The Secure our Nation plan is a comprehensive plan to defend this nation and push back Obama’s radical foreign policies,” said Jason Allen.

To find out more about the plan, go to www.jasonallen.com

Jason Allen’s Secure Our Nation Plan


Securing Our Border:

First and foremost, we have to secure our border by building a wall, investing in modern technology, and strengthening our border patrol.

Eliminate sanctuary cities and enforce the laws on the books. Illegal aliens that have committed a crime cannot be released back into society.

Put a visa entry and exit tracking system in place that allows us to defend against those who overstay visas.

Slow any influx of refugees from regions where radical Islamic terrorism is prevalent.

Reject any calls for an immigration surge. It is irresponsible to speed up the reckless immigration policies of the Obama administration. We cannot allow an immigration surge to happen.


Protect our infrastructure and communities:

Improve our economy and our infrastructure by building an additional Soo Lock. Funds were allocated in

the 1980’s and government inaction has led the project nowhere. For more information visit www.buildthelock.com.

Ensure that our ports and border crossings are safe and secure.


Combat Radical Islamic Terrorism both at Home and Abroad

Fully restore military funding to support our troops and reject the wrong-headed Obama policies.

Ensure our military retirement benefits are fully funded.

Strengthen our efforts to cut off funding for radical Islamic terrorism through both international banking security and cyber security. We must be able to call this threat as what it is –radical Islamic terrorists.

We must crush ISIS and support all efforts to protect this nation and its citizens.

Change the restrictive Obama rules of engagement rhetoric on the battlefield and allow our forces to directly target and destroy our enemies.



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