NRA Reevaluates Bergman’s Rating Due to Liberal 2nd Amendment Policies

Bergman Calls for Mandatory Waiting Period, Universal Background Checks, and Calls for Liability on Gun Dealers Similar to Obama       Anti-Gun Agenda


Traverse City—The Jason Allen campaign applauded the National Rifle Association for revaluating Jack Bergman’s NRA rating based on Bergman’s comments calling for calling for mandatory waiting period, universal background checks, and liability for gun dealers.  Bergman’s positions are in opposition to the National Rifle Association and similar to President Obama’s anti-gun agenda.  Bergman made the comments during a League of Women voters forum earlier this month where he called for national action.  Bergman went from an “AQ” to a “?”.  Allen has an “A” rating.  To see all the ratings, go to:

“Jack Bergman is wrong on guns. Expanding the background check process to have a mandatory waiting period, universal background checks, and requiring additional information that can lead to a national registry is wrong.  Additionally,  expanding dealer liability like the liability a store owner has for selling alcohol is also dangerous precedent.   Our nation was built on 2nd amendment rights and Jack Bergman has the wrong policies on the 2nd amendment. There are reasons that people in this nation might have an emergency reason to protect themselves and their family.  It is not Jack Bergman’s place to restrict the 2nd amendment” stated Jason Allen.

Bergman made these comments at the Alpena League of Women Voters Forum on July 12, 2016.

Bergman’s answer on guns can be seen at

Full transcript below and the link of the full forum can be watched here:  –  Bergman’s answer begins at 32:30

Earlier this week, the Allen campaign called out Bergman’s call for an immigration surge.  Bergman has repeatedly called for an immigration surge throughout the campaign. In March 2016, Jack Bergman called for an immigration surge which he described as “…A surge for a period of time to accommodate a large number of people, because our system has not sped up”

“We don’t know a lot about Jack Bergman but his statements on expanding background checks, disallowing emergency gun purchases, calling on more liability for gun store owners, coupled with his reckless call for an immigration surge makes Bergman a risky choice for Congress.  Unlike Bergman, as Congressman, I will support policies that protect the second amendment and secure our border,” stated Jason Allen.


Allen issued his “Secure our nation” plan last week and is the only candidate running for Congress in Michigan’s 1st District who has a comprehensive plan to secure our border and keep America safe.

**Full transcript of Bergman gun answer at Alpena League of Women Voter’s Forum**

Would you support a ban on assault weapons, and high capacity magazines?  And would you support background checks?

Answer:  32:26-32:40

Jack Bergman “There is no such thing as an emergency gun purchase.  So anybody who is in a hurry, the chances are the intent may not be what it should be.  So the only point is we need to know not only who the person is that has requested to purchase a handgun, but also a little bit more about them and what their mental state might be.

Let’s face it, everyone has a stake in this.  If you are the seller you have a responsibility just like you do when you are selling alcohol.  You need to card people, you need to make certain that person is eligible, if you will, to purchase that product.  Anybody who violates that is putting others in danger.  It’s one thing if you want to put yourself in danger, but don’t put others in danger. We don’t need to have the dialogue going on, and on, and on, because we didn’t do something as a country.  There’s a saying…If you see something, say something.  I would suggest to you that really if you sense something, do something.  Don’t wait, call it out and make sure that that individual is the right individual.  

Jason Allen is a conservative Republican running in Michigan’s 1st Congressional district. For more information, see


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